Pick the best FP&A Software

There are lots of CPM / EPM / FP&A systems out there to help you budget, forecast, and consolidate. It is hard to tell them apart. We help you pick the best FP&A software.

Reasons to work with us

“All the things you wish you knew before you started”

Remove Risk from your Software Selection

  • Work with seasoned CPM/FP&A professionals guiding you through your selection.  We have worked within the industry and know what to look for.  We can share insights and can help you ask the right questions.
  • Shape your requirements before you select a product.  Read our Blog post on the merits of us helping you to document your future process in advance.
  • Enjoy a lower total cost of ownership.  By picking the right product and defining system requirements in advance, you are shortening the total project cycle and ensuring a smooth implementation without risk of cost overruns.

Our selection process

Step 1
Initial Consultation
Step 2
Determine your future process and evaluation criteria
Step 3
Vendor selection
Step 4
Project Success

Vendor Selection Process

01. Initial Consultation

We spend time learning about your company.  We uncover preliminary timelines and budget constraints.  We prepare you for the road ahead.

We answer two questions:

  1. Are you ready to implement FP&A / CPM software?
  2. Can Titanium Finance help you with your selection?

02. Future process

We do a thorough needs analysis and work with you to define the future state of your finance process.  We draw from our experience with hundreds of software implementations to advice and recommend the best course of action.

  • Documented requirements including flow charts and data inventories
  • Selection checklist and evaluation criteria
  • Preparation steps for your implementation

03. Vendor selection

Based on your business needs, we filter the potential product list down and help you pick the best FP&A product.

  • Short-list 3-4 vendors
  • Facilitate software demos
  • Review pricing for licenses and professional services
  • Evaluate implementation capability
  • Contracts

04. Project Success

We maintain momentum all the way through the process and will take an active role in the implementation if warranted.  We are your trusted FP&A technology partner.

  • Advisory
  • Multi-phase program management
  • Project Management
  • Training
  • Software configuration

Let's work together

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