Industry Solutions

We bring years of experience implementing FP&A software across numerous industries and bring that knowledge to our work. Notable industries:

  • Mining
  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail and Wholesale Trade
  • Transportation and Warehousing
  • Information / Software
  • Finance and Insurance
  • Real Estate Rental and Leasing
  • Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services
  • Educational Services / Higher Ed
  • Accommodation and Food Services
  • Others, just ask!
Industry solutions for FP&A

Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services

Whether you’re an engineering firm, public accounting, software, or any other professional services firm, we bring years of proven, hands-on expertise ranging from detailed weekly forecasts to broader annual and strategic operating plans.

Professional Services P&L

Forecast demand

Forecast work demand from active backlog and the new business pipeline

Load Data

Load data from your PSA, CRM, and ERP to forecast demand

Project Accounting

Plan deferred and accrued revenues depending on pay terms and contract types

Rolling Forecasts

Implement continuous weekly or monthly rolling forecasts

Capacity Planning

Forecast staff capacity based on utilization and reconcile against work demand

Staff Planning

Plan temp or seasonal staff

Expense Planning

Plan department expenses

Leverage Key Performance Indicators

Calculate KPI’s and dig into variances


For software companies or any company operating under a Subscription business model, we bring expertise to help forecast your sales demand, existing customer expansion and churn, balance sheet and cash flow considerations, and all other parts of your business.

SaaS P&L

Committed ARR

Integrate committed ARR from your CRM or ERP


Plan new ARR by salesperson or by individual account
Load your sales pipeline from Salesforce or other CRM

Department inputs

Incorporate inputs from the budget owners to aggregate the annual budget

Headcount drivers

Plan customer support staff based on expected demand

Sales performance management

Manage incentive compensation, plan sales performance, and amortize commissions based on changing accounting rules


Track and Analyze common SaaS metrics

Higher Education

For universities and colleges, we help you tighten up your budget process, assess your current spend to-date, and plan student cohorts at a more detailed level.

Higher Education P&L

Tuition Planning

Create driver-based tuition planning models by student cohort and program

Fees Planning

Student fees tied to planned enrollment

Salary Planning

Plan all exempt staff individually, calculating monthly salary, bonus, benefits, employer taxes, and other costs
Plan non-exempt and hourly employees using headcount and hourly costs drivers by department

Plan SG&A Expenses

Use inputs or forecast using from historical actuals using statistical methods

Plan Student Aid

Student aid tied to enrollment as a percentage

Enrollment reporting

Report by type of student (undergrad, graduate, etc) and by program

Conduct Variance Reporting

Track actual spend vs. budget on a monthly basis over the course of the year

Track Consolidated spend

View consolidated spend for the school to ensure budget overruns in some areas are offset by surpluses elsewhere